Catania Airport Departures (CTA)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Bucharest (OTP) Ryanair FR1626 01:00 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH307 01:10 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR1086 01:40 Scheduled
Pantelleria (PNL) DAT DX1901 01:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4855 01:50 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1734 (1) 02:10 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7191 02:10 Scheduled
Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR6084 02:25 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1714 (1) 02:30 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) KLM KL3479 02:30 Scheduled
Naples (NAP) Ryanair FR4313 02:40 Scheduled
Turin (TRN) Wizz Air W48201 02:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28543 02:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2812 02:55 Scheduled
Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) Air Cairo SM812 03:00 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1704 (2) 03:05 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Air France AF9754 03:05 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) KLM KL3478 03:05 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY6535 (2) 03:05 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Iberia IB5459 03:05 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Qatar Airways QR3648 03:05 Scheduled
Verona (VRN) Wizz Air W48225 03:10 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1726 (12) 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7257 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Europa UX3206 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9824 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7290 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ethiopian Airlines ET4038 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY3015 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3454 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Korean Air KE5604 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1252 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Air Maroc AT9212 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP7199 03:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Turkish Airlines TK8047 03:20 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR2178 03:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2816 03:45 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) easyJet U23540 03:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28551 03:45 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) easyJet U21432 04:00 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64376 04:15 Scheduled
Florence (FLR) Volotea V71704 04:20 Scheduled
Venice (VCE) Wizz Air W48181 04:45 Scheduled
Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR6174 04:55 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Catania Airport

With over 100 destinations on offer, Catania Airport on the Island of Sicily is one of Italy's busiest airports. Some 9 million passengers pass through the airport every year. Catania Airport is located just over 4 km from the city of Catania, an ancient port on the foot of Mt Etna. Airlines Air France and Alitalia, Easyjet and Wizz, Qatar and Turkish Airlines, Bulgaria Air and FlyDubai use Catania Airport as their base on Sicily, among others.

Departures at Catania Airport take passengers to destinations like Rome and Bologna, Paris, Frankfurt and Bucharest. The departures areas in the two terminals, A and C, have restaurants and coffee shops, last minute shopping outlets that sell books, newspapers and magazines, and Duty Free places where travelers can find jewelry or pottery, women's or men's clothing, sunglasses or works of art.

Toilets for disabled passengers are also available and passengers with mobility problems can get 24-hour assistance, if they need it to get to their departure lounge, Gate and onto the aircraft. Assistance can be arranged in advance with airlines and airport personnel.

Getting to Catania Airport

Various bus companies offer regular services to the airport, including AMT Alibus, A.S.T. and Etna Trasporti.

The AMT Alibus service runs every 20 minutes, starting at 5.00 am and ending at midnight every day. The buses run between Catania, Catania Train Station and the airport. Along the way, they stop at Martiri Libertà, Sicilia, Stesicoro, Etnea, Duomo, Borsellino Square, Mulino S. Lucia, Colombo, Tempio, Faro Biscari and Asse dei Servizi.

A.S.T. buses take passengers from towns like Avola, Caltagirone, Carlentini, Grammichele, Ispsica, Lentini, Mirabella Imbaccari, Noto, Palagonia, Rosolini and Sigonella to Catania Airport, ( A.S.T. also offers a service from Palermo to Catania Airport via bus lines 724 and 725.

Etna Trasporti links the airport with towns like Aidone, Gela, Licata, Ragusa, S. Groce Camerina, Taormina and Vizzini, (

Interbus connects the towns of Agira, Avola, Leonforte, Nicosia, Pachino, Priolo and Siracusa with the airport at Catani (

Passengers arriving by car have the choice of several car parks, all close to the terminals. Parking lot P1 lies to the northeast of the terminals, a few hundred meters away. It is a short-term parking lot where the first 15 minutes parking are free. After that, parking costs 2.00 euros for the first hour. This parking lot has free space for disabled passengers.

P2 is also short-term parking, where the first 15 minutes parking are free. This parking lot lies to the west of the terminals, just a moment's walk away. After that, the first hour costs 2.00 euros, a whole 24 hours cost 9.00 euros. P2 has at least 4 free parking spaces for disabled drivers.

P4 is the long-term car park for drivers who need a parking space for more than a 24-hour period. The parking lot is located just 200 meters from the terminals. After the initial 48 hours, parking here costs just 4.00 euros a day. The first 48 hours cost 17.00 euros. The long-term parking facility has 680 spaces available for drivers, 16 of which are free for disabled drivers.

A taxi rank is located just outside the airport terminals, and this is where taxis drop off their passengers. From Catania it costs ca. 28.00 euros for a private taxi shared by max. four passengers. Taking a taxi to Messina, a journey taking one hour 15 minutes, will cost around 132.00 euros for a private taxi shared by up to 3 passengers. A one-way trip to Ragusa takes about one hour and 40 minutes, costing 225.00 for 3 passengers sharing a private taxi.

Hiring a car is a lot cheaper. There are numerous car rental companies in and around Catania and the airport, including Avis and Budget, Hertz and Sixt, Hollywood Rent A Car, Locauto and Enterprise, Maggiore and Firefly. Many of them have offices just outside the airport and operate late or after-hours drop-off policies, as do those who have their service desks inside the terminals.

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Catania Airport in Sicily, Italy, stands out as a prime example, witnessing a 6.22% increase in passenger traffic in September 2023 compared to the same month in 2019.